Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quality in Local Government

Paul Borawski, in his latest ASQ blog, talks about quality improvement efforts in various city governments including Milwaukee, WI, Coral Springs, FL, and Irving, TX.

I have similar experience with the City of Hutchinson - a small town in central Minnesota - where the mayor and city council wanted to establish a "One Stop Shop" for licensing and permitting in the building/planning/zoning departments. A cross-functional team was assembled from across three different government entities: the State of MN, McLeod County, and City of Hutchinson. A problem statement was developed focusing on delivering constituent experience and satisfaction. The 'DMAIC' problem solving methodology was employed to define a new operating system. Quality tools used include surveys, fishbone diagrams, FMEAs, C&E, brainstorming, affinity diagrams, inter-relationship diagrams, experimentation, SPC and control plans.

A more detailed explanation of this example and other personal success stories using statistical thinking are available in the book, "Improving Performance Through Statistical Thinking" by Britz, et al (ASQ Quality Press, Item H0160).

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